Psychotherapy in San Francisco

Psychotherpy for Anxiety and Men's Sex Issues in San Francisco

I'm a San Francisco psychotherapist who specializes in working with busy people who want to make measurable improvements in their lives.

I work with people who, despite feeling overwhelmed, still believe positive change is possible. If there's a spark inside you that isn't quite ready to give up, I want to help you ignite it.


Anxiety Issues

I help people struggling with general, overwhelming feelings of dread, racing thoughts, social anxiety, panic attacks, and phobias.

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As an EMDR trained clinician, I support individuals who have experienced various types of traumatic events and who are dealing with strong and distressing memories that have an impact on their lives. 

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Men's Sex Issues

I work with men around issues of sexual identity, challenges with out of control sexual behaviors and sex addiction, libido and performance anxiety issues, and navigating sexual issues in relationships.

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About Greg

There are lots of therapists out there, and each one has a unique style. Mine is to focus, laser focus, on positive changes my clients can make to feel better now. While the past may give us some helpful insights I help my clients look optimistically to the future.


We don’t often notice our thoughts and emotions and how they effect us. But when we do, a magic moment presents itself that gently leads us toward a different behavior and a different experience for our lives. I love helping my clients find that magic moment because it ignites a momentum that sets their lives on a happier course.

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My Blog

I write about sex, trauma, anxiety, mindfulness, and relationships. Learn how to relate to difficult feelings and thoughts in healthier ways and live a richer, fuller life.