Therapy for Anxiety and Sexuality Issues in San Francisco

I'm a San Francisco psychotherapist who specializes in working with busy people who want to make measurable improvements in their lives. I work with men, women, and couples, who, despite feeling overwhelmed, still believe positive change is possible. If there's a spark inside you that isn't quite ready to give up, I want to help you ignite it.

I focus on helping my clients, single, coupled, gay and straight, gain momentum toward the life they want – in every session. Many of my clients come to me because they feel stuck, alone or helpless. Many have thoughts they can’t manage, thoughts they know get in the way of feeling secure and whole. My clients are ready to take action to help themselves, even when past efforts have left them feeling hopeless.

I provide psychotherapy, counseling, and coaching for a variety of needs and I specialize in:

Anxiety Issues

I help people struggling with general, overwhelming feelings of dread, racing thoughts, social anxiety, panic attacks, and phobias.


Men's Sexuality Issues

I work with men around issues of sexual identity, challenges with out of control sexual behaviors and sex addiction, libido and performance anxiety issues, and navigating sexual issues in relationships.